DDK Website

DDK is a decentralized blockchain platform that uses DPoS protocol to provide beneficial economic opportunities to the community. As a blockchain/fintech provider, DDK continues innovate and contribute towards developing blockchain and fintech solutions. DDK has been using Universal Horizon SDN BHD services in developing their website and platform.


CoinMargin Project

Universal Horizon SDN BHD is a company that provides consultations on project development, documentation & marketing services for the establishment of CoinMargin platform. CoinMargin is a secure, fast, and transparent crypto exchange platform that not only provides exchange and trading services but also comes complete with unique features that further facilitate the users.


DDK Forum

In order to gain more users engagement, DDK once again has appoint Universal Horizon SDN BHD to develop a forum platform. This is a one stop source where users can connect with the rest of the DDK community. It enables users to communicate, get/share DDK updates, cryptocurrency news, investments ideas, their though and any information that are useful to the community.

Digital Marketing


Marketing is the best approach towards building a brand, growing businesses and gaining more users engagement. Event Education is a great way to instil information among the users about the products. Universal Horizon is providing a marketing & event education service for DDK and CoinMargin.


DUREF – Superhero Meal Event

DUREF took this opportunity to give appreciation and encouragement to the frontliners at Sungai Buloh Hospital. Duref team went to Sungai Buloh Hospital to give lunch packs to the frontliners who work there. The purpose of this program is to give thanks to the frontliners who are working tirelessly to protect the people during this pandemic situation.


DUREF – Strike-out CANCER

On 20th November 2020, a Virtual Forum Discussion was conducted in collaboration with MAKNA. Due to the CMCO, this program was conducted virtually and broadcasted internationally. This forum discussion was an interactive program where the audience expressed their opinions, views and questions to the invited panel. Through this program, DDK Stakeholders can understand the important aspects of Cancer in general


Program Ambang Merdeka Bersama University Malayasia

This event was held on 14th August 2020 (Friday) at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. The main objective of the event was to convey our spirit in celebrating the Independence Day and to show our love towards the country along with building a closer relationship with the youth and the community.


DUREF Participation in Program Ibadah Qurban 2020

The Qurban was held at Pusat Jagaan Anak Anak Yatim Dan Miskin Nurul Iman, Manjoi, Ipoh, Perak that organized by FED Ventures Group. There were two objectives of this event, the first was to distribute or share the qurban meat to the needy to easy their burden and the second one was to get a closer relationship with community. This qurban program was fully paid using DDK.


DUREF Provides School Supplies to Students in Rumah Amal Asnaf Al Barakh

A little donation has been handed over to ASNAF AL BARAKH AMAL HOUSE by DUREF team in cooperation with SRIKANDI MALAYSIA to help those in need and strengthen the relationships between DDK management and the society. The objective of the event was to encourage the kids to study with more enthusiasm using the new school supplies that were provided to them by DUREF.


DUREF – Basic Needs Assistance for Ramadan Kareem

DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF) has stepped forward and hosted its first charity program. The purposes of the program is to help ease the burden of the infected and displaced families due to COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO).



Due to Covid-19 pandemic situation, DDK Foundation initiatiate to organize DDK Virtual Conference 2020 event combined with 5 special Key-note Speaker. The speakers line-up share their opinion and insight regards on this current situation to all DDK stakeholders using online platform.


Airdrop Reloaded Program Soft-Launching Event

Airdrop Reloaded Program (ARP) is a continuation of the Airdrop Reloaded Proposal (ARP) program. During this event, CoInstruction.com were being introduced as one of developers partner. The event has empowered people with updated knowledge about Airdrop-Reloaded Program which helped them to know and gained more that enhance their knowledge in DDK and its ecosystem. 


Airdrop Reloaded Proposal Tour – Borneo Sabah

The explanation of ARP is being extended in Sabah on 1st of February 2020 to the 5th of February 2020. Two representatives from the DDK Foundation had given the opportunity to provide the latest information and updates on the ARP and DDK Foundation roadmap. Three districts were visited during the tour which is Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, and Tawau.


DDK Technology 2020 Latest Update Gathering

DDK Foundation hosted a gathering for exposure on the latest updates about DDK Technology. The event was broadcasted live on DDK’s official facebook page to make sure the online community does not miss out on all the important updates. 


Arabian Night

The event was to celebrates our DDK Community and the graduation of DDK delegates that came from various region. The event has empowered people with updated knowledge about blockchain technology which helped them to learn advanced techniques and skills that enhance their knowledge in blockchain and its ecosystem.


International Blockchain Symposium (IBS) 2.0

International Blockchain Symposium 2.0 (IBS 2.0) was held at JW Marriott, KL, Malaysia. There is collaboration with the company developers’ that came from various country to give exposure about the upcoming opportunities in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and FinTech world.